Our Passion

Inspiring advisors to find their true purpose and helping them put that into a story backed by a great process.

01. Finding Your Why

Finding your WHY goes hand in hand with understanding your PURPOSE.

02. Developing the Storybook

Your STORY should reflect your values, priorities, and guiding principles.

03. Creating the Playbook

Every DETAIL matters! Having well thought through and detailed processes creates a great CLIENT EXPERIENCE. Every practice should have a PLAYBOOK.

David Hill

About David

David brings a significant wealth of experience to the financial advisors and firms that he coaches and trains. He specializes in working with advisors who aspire to become the “trusted advisor” for the clients they serve.

David is passionate about “helping others help others” and this is clearly demonstrated through the sessions he leads. David helps advisors create what he calls an “Integrated Practice.” He does this by helping advisors find their focus and encouraging them to answer the following questions and more: What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do? What is your mission? What are your driving principles? What is your story? What is your offering? What is your process and do you have a playbook? Can you demonstrate and articulate your offering?

Once these questions are answered, David helps advisors create repeatable processes to help organize and run their practices with great purpose and passion. David leads advisors to become more purpose driven and process oriented.

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